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2020 Jul 7 16:46
Magyar nyelv
Babarczy Anna publikációi:

1.Babarczy Anna :Negation and word order in Hungarian child language Lingua116377-3922006
2.Anna Babarczy, John Carroll, Geoffrey Sampson :Definitional, personal and mechanical constraints on part of speech annotation performance Natural Language Engineering2005
3.Babarczy Anna :Hunpars: mondattani elemz√Ķ alkalmaz√°s Proceedings of the third Meeting of Hungarian Computational Linguistics2005
4.Babarczy Anna :Hunpars: a rule-based sentence parser for Hungarian Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Computational Intelligence2005
5.Babarczy Anna :Mi√©rt van sz√ľks√©g statisztikai tanul√°si mechanizmusra a nyelvelsaj√°t√≠t√°shoz? 2005
6.Anna Babarczy, Domonkos Tikk, Zsolt Kardkov√°cs and Istv√°n Szakad√°t :Natural Language Question Processing for a Hungarian Deep Web Searcher Proceedings of IEEE ICCC2004
7.Babarczy Anna :A szavak és a nyelvi innátizmus Café Bábel: Forrás2004
8.Anna Babarczy, Geoffrey Sampson :A test of the leaf-ancestor metric for parse accuracy Natural Language Engineering 9/4365-3802003
9.Anna Babarczy, Geoffrey Sampson and John Carroll :Limits to annotation precision Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Linguistically Interpreted Corpora61-682003
10.Anna Babarczy :Syntax and semantics in (mis)learning verb argument structures Chicago Linguistic Society 341999
11.Anna Babarczy :The transition to the functional stage in Hungarian language acquisition 1998


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